The New Era begins with ‘Hija de Tigre’

Greetings strangers! This is Guiri again… Today I’m going to pick up where we left: What happens after Alex and I decided to give my blog a second chance. The once known as The Huntrend is now The Huntrend Team or as I like to call it THT. Lets call the blog THT from now on, it saves us both time and energy. So before we start, quick recap: Just kidding. Re-read the last post if you need to, I already know the story.


As we poured our third glass of wine and words began to slur out, Alex and I sat in my kitchen table. It was midnight and officially our first time working as partners. Picture Shania Twain playing at full volume, a half empty bottle of cheap wine, some pens and papers and two young souls ready to talk business. We wrote down probably about a couple hundred ideas, with another couple hundred of drunken spelling mistakes. Then we proceeded to work on a game plan and by 3 a.m. many project proposals were sent to some of the people we knew in fashion. We were ready to make things happen. Things didn’t happen. At least not immediately. Some showed interest in our project, which was a good sign, but were not willing to agree to some of our requirements. #divaproblems.


Not long after the failed attempt, someone knocked on our door. It was Nenis from ‘Hija de Tigre’ to the rescue. Hi Nenis! She was looking for a new face to represent her brand and already had an eye on us. Nenis was familiar with my work as a blogger and with Alex’s work in fashion photography as well. We agreed to meet her for brunch, or lunch who knows, I was hungover. We discussed doing a photo editorial, pitched some ideas, sealed the deal and scheduled the shoot.


Nenis wanted the editorial to portray me as I am by digging into a day in my life. The fun parts of my days of course. I don’t always wonder around the city smiling at the sky. Just sometimes, if the weather is right. She gave me a bag full of clothes to pick from and told me to give it my own twist. Nenis encouraged Alex and I to be ourselves and to be as creative as we wanted. This is why I loved working with ‘Hija de Tigre’, I got to be me, which for me that’s what being a Blogger is all about. And since this editorial was all about me, I of course couldn’t leave Machillo out of the project. Those of you who don’t know who Machillo is, can only mean that you don’t follow me on Instagram. Machillo is my dog and my Instagram is @guiriuribe, so go do your homework and follow me already – please?  Oh, and since we are talking about it, follow @thehuntrendteam too.


Alex and I met Nenis and her sister Meme at Barcelona centre. We went to shoot at some of the places I frequent the most, like Plaza Universitat, Barrio Gótico and MACBA. From the very start, Machillo decided to give us a hard time by doing no justice to all the hours and dinero I spent on training him. To be honest, it was no surprise to me since Machillo loves to prove me wrong when we have company. Anyhow, we kept the photo shoot going and I handed Machillo to Nenis while Alex and I did some solo shots. Oh, the chaos! The misbehaving brat kept pulling on the leash and poor Nenis wasn’t able to master him. I can only imagine what it looked like to the passing citizens: Two girls carelessly taking pictures next to a dog undergoing an exorcism. But besides that one struggle, the shoot went well and we got all the shots we needed.


Shooting day is never over for Alex until she edits at least half the pictures. We went back to my place, connected the camara to my computer and started selecting the photos. Doing so, we came to the realization that Machillo was the true star of this shoot. He stole my thunder in almost every picture. But I’m going to tell you something… He was not the only one trying to steal my thunder. We had to discard a whole section because Machillo’s shinny pink penis was on full display. LOL.


Now, this has already been published by ‘Hija de Tigre’ a while back, so some of you might feel the need to be all like “seen dat…” but don’t. We know we are behind schedule. #workingonit

Finally, I’m happy to present to you our work with ‘Hija de Tigre’ and the result of Alex and I joining creative forces. Enjoy!

hijadetigre_0089 hijadetigre_0094 001hijadetigre_0036hijadetigre_0028 hijadetigre_0167 hijadetigre_0216hijadetigre_0188hijadetigre_0204hijadetigre_0210 hijadetigre_0235hijadetigre_0240002hijadetigre_0845 003hijadetigre_0819 hijadetigre_0864hijadetigre_0902hijadetigre_0927hijadetigre_0279hijadetigre_0284(1)hijadetigre_0302007 hijadetigre_0587 hijadetigre_0590 hijadetigre_0569Printhijadetigre_0360hijadetigre_0306006hijadetigre_0630

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Photos by Alexia Uriarte aka Alex