Hi, this is Guiri writing…. before I begin to enlight you, or bore you with the story about this blog, I want to share something I think is key. The last time I wrote something, it was back in 2006, senior year, and it was probably about some book I didn’t even read because I was too busy stalking people on Hi5. So go easy on me in the comments section. And don’t hold your breath while reading because I like to make long sentences.


Somewhere along 2011, I was in Barcelona about to finish my first year of college and the though of having to wait two more years to graduate and finally start working on fashion made me beyond anxious. At that time, I was spending hours and hours on Tumblr looking at random images and art, like any other Millennial did. One day I stumbled into a quote that hit me almost immediately. “Life is too short to wait.” I know, haha, how poetic. Anyway that incredibly cheesy quote was exactly what I needed to start a blog and Tumblr was my go-to choice. I came up with the name along with my dear friend and roommate at the time, Andrea. Actually no, she did. I wanted “Huntress” but it was already taken, what are the odds right? Sorry I can’t help my sarcasm, it’s in my genes. Thanks dad. Anyway that’s when she suggested the name “Huntrend”. A clever combination of the word hunting and trend. Like one of those obnoxious names the press gives to celebrity couples. That’s right Kimye, I did it first.


Andrea took my very first street style photos. The two of us walked outside the apartment where I leaned against the wall and BOOM! started shooting as pros. But the truth is we had absolutely no clue of what we were doing. No knowledge of the basics, nothing. It was what we fashionistas call a fashion crime, yet somehow I thought the photos turned out kick-ass. I rushed inside and within minutes I uploaded the pictures on my Tumblr page. I even shared them on my Facebook. How dare I do that? Guess I was still dizzy from the flash, who knows…

We kept doing our shoots every week or so, and believe it or not ( Life hacking tip alert! ) we got better with practice. Through trail and error we begun to figure out the basics, like lighting, angles, composition, etc. When Andrea left Barcelona, I desperately started asking all my friends to take pictures of me ( to all of you who helped me… a big fat thank you! ) . Even my 50 something year old mother took several of my blog pictures at one point. Along the way, Alex began to collaborate with me, as she is a rocking photographer and one of my closest friends. She was living in Madrid, which is fairly close to Barcelona, so we would arrange a shoot every time one of us visit the other. Alex would always give me  good advice and push me to do all kinds of things that I was too afraid to do. Or lazy, that word works too. By early 2014 the blog got stuck and so did my life. Like Blink 182 once said, “Nobody likes you when you are 23.” Which you may think it is too deep to be true. But they weren’t lying. That was exactly what being a 23 year old man-child felt like. Anyway some decisions were needed ASAP and so I did.


By summer of 2014, just as I was ready to put an end to my life abroad, Alex and I were hanging out at my apartment, talking about life and future and what not, when I cracked the news to her. I was going back home. Like every good-ass friend, she picked up on the obvious sadness in my voice. She replied, “I always though you and I were going to work together.” No further convincing was needed. We begun to brainstorm about all the things we could do together and giving my blog another chance was one of them. We became a team and the blog was reborn. TA-DAH! I could keep on writing all night about what happens next, but in this day and age we all know the attention span has dropped significantly so I have to leave you guys in suspense.


As the good blogger I am, I’m going to stick by the book by adding some visual goodies, my photos from 2012 up to the beginning of 2014. It’s like some kind of photo journal of my evolution, although I wisely selected the better ones, sue me. And for all of you wondering where all the 2011 photos are… Well they are buried deep, deep, deep inside my computer’s trash can. And no soul is ever going to see them, ever. #sorry.


Let the fun begin.





Again, a big thank you to Andrea, Sergi, Leon, Mary, Aimee,

Dani, Lorelai and Alex for helping me out with the pictures.