Greetings readers! It’s mid summer in Barcelona and guess what? It’s raining today. Rainy days call for staying at home in your pijamas and cuddling with your pet on the couch, and that’s exactly what I’m doing; except for the cuddling with your pet part, because Machillo is in Costa Rica right now living la vida loca. *a-tear-runs-down-my-face*

So, this summer I happen to meet this awesome photographer and we happen to hit it off instantly. It took us five minutes into our talk about fashion and photography to realize we were going to make a kick-ass team. And here is our first shoot from many more to come. His name is Hector Ges and you can check out his work at: Hector Ges Photography and follow him on Instagram as well at @hectorgesphoto. And since we are on topic, it wouldn’t hurt to follow me as well, right? @guiriuribe.


This summer, my worst fear came true… Boho is in, and not only is it in, but seems to be the ‘it’ trend at almost every store here in Barça. So it’s been very difficult for me to shop and I’ve had to work my way around it, somehow. Like I said on my last post, my style hit a 360 a couple of months back. I have been chasing a neutral palette and staying a couple of light years away from prints. Trying to find the root for this sudden identity crisis, I came to a theory, I had a fashion overdose. Let me explain, a few years back, colors and prints dominated my closet. If it wasn’t bright or didn’t have a bold print, I was not interested. Then came the blue hair and the barbie-pink phase which I was very much committed to. At the end, I think I may have overdosed on prints and sparkles, and now in need of a minimalistic wardrobe until I shake off all the glitter from my soul. A friend of mine that works in the fashion industry told me that, after a while of working in fashion, you become saturated and inevitably turn to black. I think I now understand what she meant. I am not sure if this is going to be a permanent thing. I hope not.

Anyway, enough of what I don’t like. Let’s talk about whats cool right now. Here’s a list of my top favorite trends: crop tops, boyfriend jeans, denim jackets, over sized cardigans, fringes, faux leather, gladiator sandals, chunky shoes and jumpsuits.


This is my take on the summer’s trends. A casual and easy outfit with a crochet top, denim and chunky boots. #notsoboho








Jeans: Bershka

Denim shirt: ZARA


Sunglasses: PULL&BEAR


While shooting for this post, messy and irresponsible little me lost my phone; which by the way, I’m still paying for… and the one before that too. So yeah, I’m currently paying for three phones. Anyway, you know me, no shoot is ever completed without some mishaps, and boy this one was no exception. I was in the middle of changing outfits when I realized I only had one shoe. One effin’ shoe. Seconds after, I become aware that I didn’t have my phone with me either. So there I was running up and down the whole park, with a heel in my right foot and a sneaker in the left foot, looking for a pink phone in between the cactus. While, Hector ran to the restaurant on top of the hill hoping to find somebody with a good enough heart who had found my phone and brought it there to look for the owner. Of course, no such heart did, so we decided to move on and keep the shoot rolling.


This is another example of a casual and easy look using whats on trend at the moment, without overdoing it. Denim cardigan and a black dress. Remember now, I intended to wear a pair of heels from Mango, but left one at home so, I had to make the sneakers work.










Dress: H&M

Cardigan: ZARA

Sunglasses: ASOS

Heels: MANGO

Sneakers: NIKE




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