Cyber greetings peeps! Last post entry was a little too corny and a little too meh! The jet lag and my time of the month got the best of me for sure. But not today! Today I’m feeling sassy, just kidding, but after binge-watching the Dr Phil Show for two days I am feeling well rested and inspired, aside the fact that all of my friends are busy with finals at school, so there’s not much distraction going on.


On Sunday, Alex and I decided to take a stroll around London city. We didn’t have much of a plan like we always do, this time we were going to go with the flow and search of cool spots. We got dressed in our nice little outfits, thinking of course only about fashion and not taking into consideration London’s tricky weather. After my many bad experiences shooting in trips with Alex, I have learn this lesson the hard way: Comfy shoes are made for walking! And since that was exactly what we were going to do all day long, I decided to slip into my Nike shoes and put a pair of heels on my backpack so I could later on make the transition to a more elegant outfit. Speaking of lessons, I re-learned another one on this trip, which is to stay warm. You’d think we know better by now, but no. Specially Alex. It could be 5 degrees outside and she will go out with nothing more than a light open jacket. That if she even wears the jacket. So it was no surprise that less than an hour into our walk, we had to make an emergency stop at the nearest H&M to buy us a sweater from the discount rack. Our next emergency stop was a quick to-go breakfast, which we ended up eating it inside the store because, with new sweaters and all, we were still freezing. So yeah, there we were, two fashionistas dressed up completely inappropriate for the weather, eating yogurt and muesli right out of the plastic bag by the register machine. #classy.

We proceeded to go to a fancy skyline, in which I was denied the entrance because I was wearing sneakers and to be honest I was not in the mood to change into my high heels so early in the morning, even if it was for a couple of minutes. Alex did meet the dress code so she went inside to take some pictures while I waited outside in the cold with my bitter soul. We then spotted an outdoor market, it was very cool as well as very expensive, so we had to settle for window shopping only. It had a lot of independent designers selling their creations There was a stand of pillow cases that caught my eye. Each pillow had a print of a dog impersonating a different icon. Fridha Kahlo, Bob Marley, Elvis, Michael Jackon, the Queen, you name it. And you know me, I see a dog and my 6 year old self comes out to the surface. We ended up buying one for a friend of ours as a thank you for letting us couch crush at her place. ( Thanks again Camille! btw, she’s an awesome photographer too ) We spent the rest of the day walking around and taking pictures, changed into my high heels, had dinner at a local pizzeria and took the bus back to Camille’s place. As always, Alex hopped straight into the computer to start selecting the pictures and completely zoned out of her surroundings. We had to catch a very early flight back to Madrid and since I have a reputation for running late and missing my flights, I for once decided to pack my suitcase the night before and try to leave everything ready to go for the next morning. And guess what? We made it on time! Another lesson, take note.


I put together an outfit that would work for both day and evening. In which I could go from casual to elegant with just a quick change of shoes and adding a hat. I did underestimate the weather factor, so I’ll suggest you to add a long black cardigan to the look with your imagination. With that in mind, I definitely advice you to check the weather before packing for a trip. #duh!

The Casual Look: Over sized skirt, crop top, sporty sneakers and silver shades.

The Evening Look: Ditch the sneakers for a pair of fringed high heels, put on a hat and a sweater (or better, the imaginary black cardigan)

About the over sized skirt, since I’m only 5’1, the length of the skirt was a little too long for me. If you are short like me, no worries, you can still rock this skirt, just cut it up a couple inches so the proportion won’t look odd and make you look shorter.

How to tone down your look? Well, whats more casual than sporty sneakers? This is a trend that has been very well received among the youngsters. And I hope it stays forever. Fitness, weigh lifting, cross-fit and a healthy lifestyle has taking a lot of power these past years, and along with it came a trend of taking sportswear to the streets. I might seem odd to match something that looks somewhat elegant with a pair of sneakers, but trust me, is fine. I find it beautiful and smart to mix them together. You should try it. Specially if you live in a big city and have to do a lot of walking.

Keep the rest of the outfit clean and simple to avoid overdoing it. The skirt itself is quite a statement, so no need for heavy jewelry and flashy shirts. I do encourage flashy shades, always.

see y’all later,



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 Skirt: H&M

Crop top: ZARA

Sneakers: NIKE

High heels: ZARA

Shades: ASOS


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