Greetings readers! Today I’m going to talk about hair instead of fashion because lately I’ve seen a lot of articles about going ice blonde and since I have my fair share of experience with bleach, I wanted to share my story. It’s kinda a horror story but with the purpose of making sure you don’t make the same mistakes I did. And to answer the question above…Well, I don’t know if blondies have more fun, but I do know they spend a lot more time and dinero at the hair salon.

I’ve always been very stubborn when it comes to my hair. Once I get a certain look in mind, I will get it, end of story. That means, every time my hairdresser says ‘No way!’ I say ‘Way!’ and head home to do it myself. So I have lots of experience with D.I.Y. and have had very good results in doing so. Well, a few mistakes here and there but completely fixable. You can ask many of my friends whom I have done their hair multiple times. From cutting out bangs, to trimming, to dying, to even a successful ombre look. But my luck hit a 360 this past year and my little D.I.Y. projects didn’t turn out quite right, to say the least. It resulted in my mom grabbing a pair of scissors and cutting my hair short, and when I say short I mean 2-3 inches short.
If you are not in the mood to read about my recent experience with hair bleach, it’s OK, you can skip it and just go straight to the list of do’s and dont’s at the bottom.
As soon as I set foot in Hong Kong, I hopped inside the first hair salon I saw to get a makeover. I was sporting a blonde ombre look at the time but was completely over it. I was feeling brave so I told the women to bleach out all of my hair. Actually, no, I had to make some sign gestures with my hands to try and explain what I wanted, but she nodded so I assumed she understood. It turns out she didn’t because after god knows how many hours, my hair was orange at the top and blonde at the ends. I tried my best to embrace the fire head look but after a day I gave up. I went to a local market in the center and bought blue hair dye and applied it myself, making a crime scene out of my friend’s bathroom.
A week went by and I started to get fed up with the blue hair, so once again, I went to the hair salon to take out the blue color and fix the orange tone underneath. The first salon told me they would not do it, so I went to the next one and they agreed to do it. HA! Again, the communication was so darn hard and I ended up with grey hair. Like, really grey. It was not what I had in mind nor what I had ask for but it looked cool so no biggie.
I let my hair rest for a month or so while the grey dye faded out and as soon as I landed in my hometown, I decided it was time to go back to blue hair. Honestly,I don’t know why I though that was a good idea. Anyway, I again dyed it myself, rocked the mermaid look for a while then went to my hair salon to take it out and go back to ice blonde. So far so good, my hair was in a fairly good condition given the roller coaster ride. But then, disaster happen.
I bought a D.I.Y. purple hair dye at a local store, which was either expired or plain low quality. My hair started to break from the top and fall off. I new I had messed up badly and I had to apply rinses and treatments daily in an effort to stop the breakage and to nourish my now sad and damaged hair. It did. A little.
Time went by and my so did my roots. New years was around the corner and I wanted to fix my hair for the event. I was completely over the whole fantasy colors thing and bleaching my hair again was no longer an option. Going brunette seemed like the best option to let my hair rest and not have to worry about the growing roots. I went with a natural hair dye, or at least one with no harsh chemicals. Turned out fine but started fading out over a month or so, leaving a strange greenish hair color. I felt hopeless. I went to my mom and asked her to cut off all my hair. She did and well… she gave me a grandma cut, thanks mom! I told her it would be better to shave it all. She refused to shave my head and called my hair dresser for help. He came over and we decided to go for a mohawk. He was beyond excited, my mom not so much. Me? Well I had no other option.
As cool as a mohawk is, reality was that I wanted to grow my hair back. But there is no way of growing short hair without going through a mullet phase and no way I am cool enough to pull that off. Mullets and fashion just don’t go together.
By now I had change my hair so many times in such short period of time it was no wonder I had to cut it short. That’s when hair extensions became my best friend. Oh and since the brunette thing was not working out well, I went back to ice blonde one more time… I couldn’t help myself! Seems like I did not learn my lesson. But hey, my hair has grown a lot since and the mullet is starting to fade away!
Wow. Long text, I’m sorry.
Bleach blonde hair comes with a lot of maintenance. If you want to go ice blonde you need to be OK with spending money and time. Hair salons, hair treatments and home products are part of the deal. DO bleach your hair with a professional. DON’T do it yourself, bleach is very tricky and powerfull, you don’t want to end with orange hair or with no hair at all. DO buy professional hair care products. DON’T settle with the ones from the supermarket, they are not enough. DO trim your ends after bleaching them and be prepared to cut your hair shorter. DO retouch your roots as they come, o n l y the roots. DON’T retouch hair that has been already bleached. If you feel your hair is turning yellowish, you don’t need more bleach, you need a toner or a silver shampoo. So, DO use a silver shampoo a few times a week to get rid of the yellow tones. DO get your toner done every month or month and a half to maintain the shade of blonde of your choice. Stay away from hair dryers and flat irons, or at least minimize their use, Bleach itself is harsh enough to your hair. Also, remember that coconut oil is your friend, a very good friend actually.
My conclusion? It is possible to go ice blonde, just do it right.
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