Hello peeps! Just before heading back to Barcelona, I did another shoot with Asulprusia in Costa Rica. After our many talks about fashion and life; we had one particular chat while sitting on the side walk after a shoot, we realized we had many ideas in need of action. So for this shoot, we decided to go ahead and cross one out of the list.



Ok, let’s talk fashion. Raise you hand if you remember the famous denim on denim look from Britney and Justin in the 00’s.  Raise you hand again if you saw Katy Perry and whoever-she-is-dating remake. If you didn’t raise your hand and have no clue what I’m talking about, well shame on you, and also click here so you can keep up.

In this look I’m sporting two of my favorites trends right now, one being the denim on denim and the second being the one and only boyfriend jeans. Easy, comfy and stylish, what more can we ask for?

No worrying about color combinations, no suffocating tight-ass clothing and easy to transition from casual to uhm… less casual? Ok, I know that doesn’t make much sense, but what I’m trying to say is that it works for any day time and night time casual events. After all, denim is the fashion definition of ‘casual’. I can sure use this outfit to go have lunch with friends as well to go out later for a couple of drinks at the pub. Not sure if I’ll wear big and baggy super ripped jeans to have lunch with my in-laws. So, you get the point. The older generations may need some extra time to digest the whole boyfriend jeans trend. I mean, skinny jeans have been around for so long now that even they have joined the party. Grandmas wear skinny jeans, my mom wears skinny jeans (and rocks them btw), my niece wears’em, everybody wears skinny ‘effin jeans, but it’s over now. And it’s not like fashion is making a gradual transition from super skinny to less and less skinny, we are talking about going from one extreme to another. And on top of that, we (or should I say ‘they’? Who’s ‘they’?) are ripping them with no mercy. Personally, I love baggy jeans, I can’t say I would have a year ago, but as for today, I do.

Another thing constantly changing are my fashion choices. I’ll go from a colorful phase to an all-pink phase to a dark phase in matter of seconds. Well, to be fair it kinda comes with the territory. Fashion trends come and go every season. Same as life, constant growth and changes. Oh that’s deep, ha! It may feel overwhelming to keep up but that’s why I’m here. To update you about dem trends as well to share my take on fashion. Anyway, back to me. Just kidding, but yeah. I used to be all about heavy jewelery. Bold n’ bright necklaces was my thing, as well as big rings that came with personalities to match. Not anymore. I have come to appreciate subtle jewelery. Thin chains with minimalistic designs, in silver or gold, and stop there. In this look I’m wearing a short silver chain with the infinity sign. As for the rest of the accessories, like handbags and sunglasses, I’m still a big fan of loud statements. Oddly, no bracelets. I don’t have a particular reason why, I just don’t and never have. But that could change tomorrow, who knows.

All with of this talk about changes, I want to inspire you to go for it and let go of the old.

Until next post,












Shirt: FOREVER21


Shoes: FOREVER21

Sunglasses: ASOS

Necklace: TIFFANY&CO


The giant boob I’m laying on is from Allegra Pacheco. You can check out her work at at get your own giant boob as well.

Also, thanks to my beloved cousin for letting us shoot at his place.