Greetings readers! This week I took a trip to hell, but luckily I made it back! I wanted to post this in the beginning of this week but fever decided to pay me an unsolicited visit, which lead me to be bed-bound for 3 long days. Any how, here is another shoot with Asulprusia, one that is very dear to my heart. Before we begin, be a dear and click here and then hit the follow button. (Don’t worry it will open in a different window.)

So, I initially wrote a very sensitive entry about vulnerability and other bs, but then decided to toss it aside, for now. You guys know me, I’m sarcastic, it’s what comes natural to me. But I was feeling so nostalgic to the point of writing what I thought was going to be beautiful text, but ended up being a verbal diarrhea of cliches. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m stone cold inside, on the contrary, I’m actually extra sensitive. But it’s healthy to deal with the world with a sense of humor. Also because I learned to hide away my feelings from a judgmental world since a young age. It has worked fine for me. Wow, maybe I should start introducing myself the same way Chandler Bing did back in the 90’s – Hi I’m Chandler; I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable. Sounds like a plan! A very sad one. Anyhow, I still want to write about the same topic, I’m just going to phrase it differently and let it flow more naturally. Y’all know that they say…if you gotta force it, it ain’t good. Well, I don’t know if they actually say it, but whatever.

The fashion industry of today is very vain, yes. It’s obsessed with looks and labels, yes. It has over sexualized women and it’s very upsetting. But let’s see through our right side of the brain for a sec, fashion carries something deeper. Wether we are conscious about it or not, how we dress reflects a part of who we are on the inside. Weather you like it or not, what you choose to wear each and every ‘effin day, unveils a little piece of you. Oh yes, and it is powerful. Think about it, you get to send a message through your fashion choices, cool right? But wait! There’s more! *read with an infomercial voice* You have absolute creative freedom to express yourself because the so called fashion rules are meant to be bend and broken as you please. Isn’t that beautiful?

As the evolving beings we are, fashion changes along with our journey in this world. And hey! It’s real, I’m not making it up because I’m some kind of fashion devotee. It’s been proved and there’s plenty of studies about it and as Jesse Pinkman would say, “Science, bitch!” So, next time you find yourself trying hard to wear a trend from head to toe, take a chill pill and well, chill. Instead of forcing yourself to fit into the latest fashion trend, work around it to make it fit you. It’s all about trusting that gut feeling and making your own interpretation.

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PS, Yes, I’m aware of the irony. Yes, there’s a credit list at the end.


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Jumper: FOREVER21

Shoes: ZARA


Necklace: FOREVER21